Sunday, February 19, 2012

February Meeting: Closures

A small but highly accomplished and skilled group. Photo taken to commemorate the 15th anniversary of the Australian Sewing Guild.

Main Topic: Closures

Karen showed samples of three types of zipper insertions: the lapped zipper, centred zipper, and invisible zipper and then demonstrated the Sandra Betzina technique of inserting fly front zippers.

Show and Tell

Jean wore a lovely animal print top and then showed the blouse she has been making. The fabric came from Kerryn Swan and is a beautiful silk. Jean showed the sleeve pattern piece she used for the garment and then explained the technique of the opening on which the cuff is sewn.

Maureen has been whipping up skirts, first from her stash.

Does this need embellishment at the hemline? No. The design of the skirt speaks for itself.

The fabric below is courtesy of Fabulous Fabrics - a reward for using up some of that stash!

Maureen's iPad calls up information from the Threads Website.

Stella has made some knit tops.

Elizabeth has been working on a Vogue dress.

The blue silk with a wrap over tie is gorgeous.

Kaye showed off her patchwork in a stunning colour combination.

Anne showed her blue trousers ...

... complete with a zipper insertion that was back to front.

Genevieve used the design from a T-shirt purchased overseas as the design on a new top with stylish bound arm holes and neckline, and which fits her perfectly.

Ingrid has set the task of sewing a dress from a New Look pattern with her sewing class students. In order to 'stay ahead of the students', Ingrid made her own dress from the same pattern.

Linda showed off another quilting design.

Sandi wore the red top that she showed us at the last meeting - the one with the fabric she had been having trouble adding a neat finish to. The finished garment looks terrific - and who would have guessed the hours of experimentation involved to get it looking good?!

Sandi also showed another gorgeous top with fine rolled hem finishes.

Karen has begun using fabric from her stash and made the jacket shown below from this Vogue pattern.

In this jacket she used staflex from Textile Traders but has discovered another product.

In her search for the 'perfect interfacing' that does not need pre-shrinking but provides good support for fabric without making it feel like cardboard, she has found a Palmer/Pletsch product. Ordered over the internet it was about $37 for 3 yards, and comes in 60 inch widths. It fused like a charm. Highly recommended.