Sunday, January 15, 2012

January Meeting: Using DVDs

Using DVDs to inform our sewing technique

These days, we have a wealth of technology available to help us learn and perfect our sewing techniques. Several of us brought along and discussed our collection of DVDs.

Karen showed her collection of four DVDs.

Maureen has a library of DVDs, some of which she has viewed and some which are still waiting for a viewing.

Genevieve has various DVDs that she has learned from and others which, on viewing, have reinforced her own good sewing practice.

A scene from the Sandra Betzina DVD that showed a lining technique for making a vest.

The internet is the world's largest sewing library and Youtube is a wealth of information. Just go looking!

Show and Tell

Jean showed her gorgeous new top made from mesh ordered through Kerryn Swan via a Stitches offer.

She then modelled another top from the same pattern but made with two sashes of fabric from Bali. She positioned the border print perfectly to provide great visual impact.

Linda's bag.

Stella's inventive memory stick cases.

Genevieve discussed her journey with a Vogue Claire Shaeffer trousers pattern. She demonstrated the work she did on fitting a toile but has come to the conclusion that it might not be the right pattern for her. It has been a learning journey.

Maureen's beautiful 'tea bag' print, on felt and sandwiched with double sided interfacing.

Elizabeth's beautiful fabric in her outfit of many years that still garners many compliments.

Sandi has been experimenting with fabric flowers for swimsuits.

A light weight knit top perfect for cool summer evenings.

Sandi has also been experimenting with finishing a piece of knit fabric.

Anne's beautiful top, complete with contrast binding, and showing a few new patterns.

Besides the lovely red top that Ingrid made and was wearing, she has been whipping up swimsuits ...

... and a skirt ...

... and a beautiful silk evening dress.

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