Thursday, October 20, 2011

October Meeting: Sewing with Sheers

October was a great meeting! Only a few of us present, but it was wonderfully planned and delivered by Elizabeth and Genevieve.

To start the ball rolling - or should we say start the machine sewing! - we examined some recent 'failures'. Needless to say, with Stella's first garment, all we could think of 'where's the failure?' It looked pretty good to us all.

Here is Stella's lovely cowl neckline on a recently made top.

No doubts about this failure from Karen! Perhaps it was due to the shonky insertion of elastic at the neckline more than the pattern adjustment.

Patterns that tie at the waist invariably tie much higher than that in real life, so a lowering of the pattern pieces seemed to be in order. The advice of everyone present was to unpick the elastic and include a much more relaxed fit of the cross over sections. Unpicking?!?!? That decision will be left for another meeting.

Genevieve showed us a gorgeous dress with pockets situated at the hip line. With Genevieve feeling decidedly uncomfortable about pockets allegedly gaping, a quick line of stitching to hold them down did the trick.

Some gorgeous patterns ... but maybe not the right style for one's body type.

Working with Sheers

The main body of the meeting was about working with sheers. Genevieve showed us some garments and discussed the techniques she had used to bind the neckline and arm holes with a combination of machine stitching and delicate hand stitching.

Then, an inventive method for avoiding a zip closure in a sheer garment - buttons and loops. Brilliant! It was a gorgeous finish and just perfect for the garment.

Another view of the neckline binding.

Elizabeth also had a variety of garments to show.

Show and Tell

Anne had been making a dress with careful use of the design as a feature.

Stella had made a gorgeous floral embellishment.

And a lovely shawl from some intriguing but very delicate fabric.

And a fabulous bag complete with embellishments.

Stella has combined an idea for cowl necklines from a magazine with a recently made top seen below that incorporates a design feature.

Some various items from Elizabeth Morley's workshop.

Maureen has been experimenting with textiles and embellishments.

And Elizabeth's spectacular feathered cape.

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