Monday, July 18, 2011

July Meeting: Garments with Embellishments and Patterns

Sunday 10 July was one of the coldest days we have had this year and the heaters in our meeting room were cranked up to 'HIGH' in an effort to thaw us out. Only Anne, Elizabeth, Genevieve, Stella, Linda and Karen braved the cold to be at the meeting.


Stella showed a couple of tops that she had painted and sewn embellishments on.

Stella has also been making trims from ribbon and other fabrics.

Machine patterning that Stella did on her vest by sewing from the back.

Linda's embellished tops.

Genevieve's embellished bag.

Patterns: Must-haves and those that are tried-and-true favourites

Show and Tell

Elizabeth found a gorgeous necklace to complement her blue dress.

Elizabeth also asked for feedback about which pattern would go well with her blue silk velvet.

Genevieve has used the 'Jazzy Jeans' book to give her some inspiration to deconstruct/reconstruct some garments that she picked up for a song at a thrift shop.

Here is a reconstructed skirt.

A reconstructed bag from a store-bought pair of jeans, complete with coin embellishment.

A reconstructed skirt with different coloured denim for the flounces.

More coin embellishment.

Anne's been knitting.

Stella's top

And another of Stella's gorgeous bags done by using braid to create designs.

A painted scarf.

Another embellished scarf.

Genevieve bought some interesting new bamboo fabric that we can't wait to see made up into a garment.

Our next meeting in August will see the culmination of our 'personal challenge' for the year.

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