Tuesday, June 14, 2011

June Meeting: Dyeing Workshop with Linda Stokes

Linda Stokes was our tutor for our extended June meeting at the Neighbourhood Centre. Linda is a textile artist with a great deal of expertise who conducted a four-hour workshop on a range of dyeing techniques.

To whet our fabric appetites, Linda showed some samples of pieces she has dyed using some of hte techniqes she would be covering in the workshop. Her samples are shown below.

The first technique we tried was the aptly named "Glad Wrap Technique". Some dye was painted onto litho paper, Glad Wrap placed on top, patterns created by using fingers to work colours together and left to dry. Once dried, the design could be heat set to fabric. A sample of the "Glad Wrap Technique" drying is shown below.

Here are participants hard at work creating designs with crayons.

Some other workshop activity.

Linda demonstrated pressing a design onto fabric.

When paint was dry and fabric was ready, it was time for the heat press!!!

The "oohs" and "aahs" kept coming all afternoon with the magic that heat performed on all of the colours. The vibrancy of everything was amazing.

Here are samples of Shirley's designs.

More designs.

Isn't this gorgeous?

At the end of the workshop, we laid our designs our for everyone to see.

The workshop provided us all with some simple techniques to get going with adding colour to fabric. You do not have to be artistic or creative - the colour gives you artistry. This is something we can all do without a great deal of equipment.

Linda was a very patient, encouraging and inspriational tutor. Not only did she give us a glimpse into her own world of fabric artistry, she gave us some techniques and finished coloured fabric to make something of.


  1. I love the samples. So sad to have missed a great workshop!