Sunday, May 29, 2011

May Meeting: Finishes on Knit Fabrics

The Main Agenda

Using a range of garments in her own collection, Sandi showed us a wide array of techniques that can be used with knit fabrics on garments.

Here is a piece of rib fabric which has been overlocked on one side and elastic added at the other to make a skirt for a young girl.

Make the neckline interesting by using two different ribs or fabrics.

Slash a knit vertically at the hemline and add beads to give an interesting twist instead of sewing a hem.

Make the texture interesting. Sew several different coloured pieces of knit together in the garment and then make cuts from the top where the knit will peel back. Make slashes at various places too to give an interesting look.

Here are some more little cuts in the fabric creating a different look.

Instead of hemming, use some stretch lace.

Overlock a hem to give a lettuce edge finish.

Use your imagination. There are no rules with knit fabrics. They don't fray and all you need is some creativity.

Show and Tell

Linda showed us some craft cards made by various artists and craftspeople which they share. This is part of Linda's portfolio of cards.

These cards can show your own details as well as give you an opportunity to try out some craft techniques.

Stella has been making skirts.

Kaye's gorgeous quilting and embellishments.

Sandi has finished her ensemble of skirt, trousers and jacket.

Maureen's felting.

Maureen has also been busy embellishing purchased tops with fabric, thread and beads.

Karen has been working on her jeans challenge.

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