Friday, April 15, 2011

April Meeting: Deconstruction/Reconstruction

The Main Agenda Deconstruction/reconstruction is all about making something 'new' or 'different' and changing garments or patterns to create an individual style. Ingrid showed us a number of garments that she has made or altered over the years to giver her soemthing 'special' that suits her and gits with her lifestyle. Here is a top that she made with fabric from her mother's wedding dress. Some lace was inserted at the front and close to the cuffs to lengthen sleeves and give a purchased shirt a unique look.

Some embellishments and modifications to purchased tops to change the looks.

Elizabeth asked for advice about how to modify a beautiful jacket she had made many years ago to make it a bit more reflective of today's style. Many ideas were offered and Elizabeth has gone away to ponder them.

Show and Tell.

Once again, Stella has been sewing prolifically and producing some beautiful work.

Linda made some purses, beautifully lined, after getting some ideas from Youtube.

Sandi showed us what she had done to modify a dress by adding a contrast feature.

Can anything be done to this skirt to modify it?

Sandi is currently working on an unlined jacket and wondering how to attach the facing to give it a neat finish.

Maureen made a beautiful dress with fabric from Knitwit to wear to an evening function.

She also showed us some beautiful fabrics from her stash that she jsut doesn't have the occasion to wear any more. Nonetheless, Maureen is still going strong with buying patterns - especially when they are on special!

Elizabeth modelled a very cutting edge dress she made from Vogue 1106, a Koos van den Akker design.


  1. What a great array of wonderful ideas and creations! So sorry I missed it all! Thanks Karen for sharing it on the blog.

  2. below is a website that gives fashion trend forecasts. Looking at the fashion/colour/textile trends is a great way to inspire you to recycling existing garments.