Saturday, February 26, 2011

Guess who had the best display at the Family Centre Open Day?

Well there is only one answer to that question! It was the ASG of course - and the Southern Hills group in particular.

Here is the new mural painted by a local artist which now adorns the Centre as a commemoration of its 21st anniversary.

The ASG banner was a stunning backdrop to our display.

Many thanks to Jean, Linda, Stella, Ingrid and Karen who all
made contributions to our tables as can be seen here.

The lap top and projector were a fabulous success, thanks to Ken Henrickson who helped set things up. When we had trouble with the disk drive, we simply resorted to the next best thing in technology - Youtube!

Many thanks go to Jean, Linda, Elizabeth, Anne and Karen who gave up much of their Saturday morning time to attend the celebrations and look after our display.

We had quite a few interested people chat to us and indicate interest in pursuing sewing.

There was no doubt that our display was the most varied and the most interesting and we had more people looking after our display than any other community group.

Despite the heat, which was fairly intense all morning, the event was a success.

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