Saturday, January 1, 2011

Why Make One When You Can Make Six?

I have a lovely outdoor setting on my back patio that gets quite a bit of use, especially over summer. However, the cushions take an enormous amount of effort to keep clean. Here is the setting shown below.

I thought that removable and washable covers would be a good solution, however my original plan was far too involved. In chatting with one of the ladies at my local Textile Traders, I discovered that she had a similar plan for her own outdoor setting but much simpler than mine. I ended up sewing some simple envelope-style covers with ties at the sides. By pulling the ties, the fabric sits snugly between the seat and the back rest. Easy to sew, easy to put on and easy to remove for washing. Whipping up these six covers only took three evenings after work and I am thrilled with the results.

The fabric is a sturdy cotton Mexican print from Spotlight. The colour of the fabric has also brightened up the entire back area.

It might be time to do some outdoor entertaining!