Monday, January 17, 2011

Quilt blocks for flood victims

I came accross Jan's blog this week, she makes Oz Comfort Quilts for people who need them. For the people who lost their homes in the Victorian bushfires a couple of years ago and now for the flood victims as well as other groups. She asks for people to make blocks which they send to her then she puts them together and arranges distribution with people in the disaster area so they go directly to individuals, not to a warehouse.
She make hundreds of quilts, which would drive me crazy, but I've managed to make 12 blocks, 10 1/2" square, using the instructions on her blog. They were quite quick to do and used up some fabric scraps, some of which are left overs from years ago, sewing for my children when they were little. Below: my blocks arranged on the floor.

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  1. Nice work Linda, and it's always gratifying when your sewing goes towards helping others.