Tuesday, January 11, 2011

January Meeting

January's meeting on Sunday was a jam-packed afternoon of learning, sharing and laughter that could have gone on until late into the evening ... but we had to bring it to an end just after 3.30pm.

Some tips for Internet shopping:
  • Research your websites and look for testimonials or endorsements from other trusted sites or bloggers.
  • Request swatches if the online store is able to provide them.
  • Dip your 'toe in the water' if you are unsure and make your first order small.
  • Always do a copy and paste of the onscreen picture of the fabric you buy. It's possible that when your package arrives, the online store may have sold out of stock and it's difficult to remember what you ordered. It's nice to check the real thing against the virtual image.

www.patternreview.com is a must-go-to website for all sewers. It is the largest online sewing community in the world. It enables you to look for reviews of patterns you are thinking of sewing to see how they worked out for 'REAL' women. As well, there is absolutely HEAPS of other information there. By browsing, you can find reviews of sewing machines, overlockers, books, stores, etc as well as searching for tips about everything to do with sewing. If you go searching on the message boards, there is also a community thread for sewers from Australia and New Zealand that has some rather interesting discussion points from time to time. It's free to join but you can also pay to become a 'Friend of PR' that will provide some additional benefits. Being a member without paying a joining fee is good value and well worthwhile. Highly recommended.

I think we are almost all geared up to blog. Some things to remember:
  • Look for the 'New Post' symbol, click on to bring up a template and just start typing.
  • Look for the ABC tick symbol to do a spell check. After checking the spelling, click on the green 'done spellchecking' message that appears in the beige menu bar above your message.
  • Click on the blue 'Preview' message in the top right hand corner of your message to have a look at how your message will appear on screen. Sometimes that gives you an indication that you could improve things by adding in extra lines or making fonts bigger or a different colour.
  • To add pictures, click on the image which is to the right of the ABC tick symbol in the menu bar. That enables you to search for photos from your own computer and add them to your blog entry. Sometimes adding photos upsets your typing but play around with moving pictures and words.
  • There are only a few options available to you on the menu bar. From left to right they are: font; size of font; bold; italic; font colour; links; left justified; centre; right justified; left and right justified; numbering; bullets; block quotes; spell check; add images; add videos; and remove formatting.
  • When you have finished your post, click on the orange 'Publish Post' button in the bottom left hand corner. A new page will appear saying that your post has been published and asking if your want to view the blog. Always click on that message and sit back and admire your fine work!

Here is a picture of Maureen's skirt that she combined by using a Kwik Sew skirt pattern and adding flounces to it by using the flounce pattern pieces from a Burda pattern.

We were very privileged to have Maggie Thatcher, the WA State Liaison Officer of the Australian Sewing Guild, attend our meeting. Maggie joined in our 'show and tell' session by showing us a range of garments she has been sewing for her new grand child. In addition, she showed us a most jaw-droppingly gorgeous quilt that she has just finished that included some fantastic 3-D applique. This is likely to take pride of place in Maggie's home as a wall hanging.

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