Thursday, November 18, 2010

November Meeting

At our November meeting, everybody came along with things to share.

First of all, Genevieve showed us her stunning jacket and skirt that won a prize at the Perth Royal Show.

Genevieve's other ensemble.

Maureen's craft work that she used to make book marks for Christmas gifts.

Kaye's gorgeous quilting that she made into a table runner.

Stella knitted a lovely green swirly scarf. Sadly, the photographer's skills don't quite match her dress making skills so the photo with Stella's scarf turned out blurry. However, photos of Stella's book covers turned out well.

Ingrid found a button holer for her old treadle machine and also brought along a piece of craft work to show us.

Anne discussed an emboidery foot for her machine and also showed us a fabric flower brooch she had bought.

Sandi showed a pair of jeans she made for her daughter, copied from a ready-made pair, as well as a skirt. She had also whipped up a knit dress.

Linda has been preparing for her exhibition and she also brought along heaps of patterns to give away.
Glenys brought along a gorgeous bouquet of flowers for Anne that she had picked from her own garden.

Karen wore another new knit top that she had copied from a ready made garment. Knits are great! No ironing!