Thursday, October 21, 2010

Quilt top & 2 new fabric shops

I wasn't intending to post again here today and normally I don't write a huge amount but I did this time and didn't realise that it was on the wrong blog until too late - not sure how to switch it so I've deleted what isn't relevant to this group but this part may be of interest.
Below: a quilt top I made this week using some of my dyed/printed fabrics. I think I'll add a border but I'll put it away for now - I need to get on my exhibtion work. This was a distraction that happened because I bought a reel of variegated cotton thread and was looking for fabrics that would go with it!
I discovered 2 new shops - Materialise: where I bought the thread and a few bits and pieces of quilt fabrics (they have some gorgeous stuff - lots of Japanese fabrics too) Sophie, who runs it, was doing textiles at Curtin Uni the same time as me.
The other shop was an outlet shop - Potters Textiles in West Leederville. They had some great fabrics - more for dressmaking but they also had bags of samples and remnants from $3. I got a lovely lot for $19.

Below: a small piece made from the left over scraps from the quilt top and stitched with the new thread.

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