Monday, December 27, 2010

Recent creation

This is a recently completed dress and tailored jacket. Jacket is vogue 2165 DKNY, with bound buttonhole, jetted pockets, fully interfaced and lined, and hair canvas chest piece. The embellishment on the bodice of the dress was made from a digitised floral pattern on my janome 11000SE embroidery machine (lots of fun doing this one). I'm sure many of you will recognise the embroidered denim fabric.
As usual, I have made this 'out of season' so now need to wait for the cooler weather for its inaugural outing!
Now, on with the next project - a vintage vogue jacket and dress V1136 (original pattern was released in 1945). So many wonderful projects to tackle - so little time in one lifetime! (-:

December meeting

Karen- well organised and fun meeting. Thanks to you and the rest of the team!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

December Meeting - Genesis in the Hills

On Sunday 12 December, we met at Genesis in the Hills Vegetarian Cafe and Restaurant for our monthly meeting as a means of celebrating the end of the year in a location off-site from our usual meeting place at the Neighbourhood Centre in Roleystone. After several of us (yours truly included) had made the trek almost to Brookton before realising that we had gone too far and turning back, our meeting kicked off at 2pm.

From a fabulous array of lovely cakes, here are Yvonne, Stella and Anne pondering over what to choose.

Our meeting table at the restaurant.

Our agenda included a brief discussion of some tentative plans for the Neighbourhood Centre's 21st birthday celebrations. Karen passed around a turban from the Cancer Foundation and indicated that she was typing up some instructions for making them to pass on to everyone electronically. Genevieve discussed the survey she has constructed using 'Survey Monkey' and indicated that it had been sent out to everyone. Plans were made for January's meeting which would give Genevieve time to compile the results from the survey and some some executive decisions about the agenda for 2011 based on everyone's feedback.

The discussion then moved into 'Show and Tell'.

Congratulations to Linda Stokes for her article published in the latest issue of 'Embellish' magazine. A two-page spread complete with photos is a great accomplishment. Well done Linda! Pictures of Linda's article are shown below.

Ingrid shared some tips for sewing with young people that she had picked up since the last meeting and Elizabeth shared some craft pieces that she had picked up.

Maureen showed us a pin holder that she had picked up from attending another neighbourhood group meeting.

To wrap up the afternoon, Stella organised the Christmas present raffle. Shown below are a few of the presents drawn and shared.

This was a lovely way to end the meeting and, indeed, the year. We resolved to set aside a good portion of our next meeting for 'Show and Tell' to share all of our holiday sewing with each other.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Linda's covered journals

I've actually managed to do some clothes sewing this month - 2 tops and I've also altered 2 other things to make them wearable.
That all came to a stop when The Old Bakery on 8th Gallery shop wanted some more covered journals some of which are shown here.
Cheers, Linda

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Thursday, November 18, 2010

November Meeting

At our November meeting, everybody came along with things to share.

First of all, Genevieve showed us her stunning jacket and skirt that won a prize at the Perth Royal Show.

Genevieve's other ensemble.

Maureen's craft work that she used to make book marks for Christmas gifts.

Kaye's gorgeous quilting that she made into a table runner.

Stella knitted a lovely green swirly scarf. Sadly, the photographer's skills don't quite match her dress making skills so the photo with Stella's scarf turned out blurry. However, photos of Stella's book covers turned out well.

Ingrid found a button holer for her old treadle machine and also brought along a piece of craft work to show us.

Anne discussed an emboidery foot for her machine and also showed us a fabric flower brooch she had bought.

Sandi showed a pair of jeans she made for her daughter, copied from a ready-made pair, as well as a skirt. She had also whipped up a knit dress.

Linda has been preparing for her exhibition and she also brought along heaps of patterns to give away.
Glenys brought along a gorgeous bouquet of flowers for Anne that she had picked from her own garden.

Karen wore another new knit top that she had copied from a ready made garment. Knits are great! No ironing!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Bargain on Ebay

My Diana dressmaker's model was looking decidedly tired after 25 years of use. The dials no longer turned and the felt fabric was peeling away. Was paying $450 for a new Diana worth the use it would get?

I turned to Ebay ...

... and there I found a Venus Ardus for $50.

In almost brand new condition, it still had the instruction manual as well as the plastic cover that the original model came in.

I considered it a bargain and realised I was incredibly lucky to snare such a good deal. Shopping online isn't only for fabric!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Let's Get Blogging

Hello Ladies

I'm new to blogging and trying to navigate my way to post a blog. Having read the blogs so date I am impressed and see the need to update my blog skills to join in the fun. I visited Potter Textiles, bought two bags of "scraps" (magnificant for textile art etc) and fell in love with numerous rolls of silk and silk/cotton fabrics, and they are only 15 minutes away from home.

Loved the photos Karen and Linda have added to their posts. I can see I have another learning curve ahead of me.


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Quilt top & 2 new fabric shops

I wasn't intending to post again here today and normally I don't write a huge amount but I did this time and didn't realise that it was on the wrong blog until too late - not sure how to switch it so I've deleted what isn't relevant to this group but this part may be of interest.
Below: a quilt top I made this week using some of my dyed/printed fabrics. I think I'll add a border but I'll put it away for now - I need to get on my exhibtion work. This was a distraction that happened because I bought a reel of variegated cotton thread and was looking for fabrics that would go with it!
I discovered 2 new shops - Materialise: where I bought the thread and a few bits and pieces of quilt fabrics (they have some gorgeous stuff - lots of Japanese fabrics too) Sophie, who runs it, was doing textiles at Curtin Uni the same time as me.
The other shop was an outlet shop - Potters Textiles in West Leederville. They had some great fabrics - more for dressmaking but they also had bags of samples and remnants from $3. I got a lovely lot for $19.

Below: a small piece made from the left over scraps from the quilt top and stitched with the new thread.

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Monday, October 18, 2010

Exhibition Invitation

ASG members may be interested in this exhibition by WA textile group, Designing Women (invitation above) I'll be busy for the next couple of weeks getting my pieces finished for it!

Below: a couple of pics of my newly tidy outside studio for those who missed the last meeting there. This is where I do my printing, dyeing etc. I also have a sewing room inside my house.

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Great idea

Hi Karen
What a great start to the Southern Hills Sewing Group Blog. I can see it will be useful, informative and amusing. Well done!
Kind regards
Jean Henrickson

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Online Fabric Shopping - a whole new world ...

When you love sewing, you love sewing with beautiful fabrics. So where do we find beautiful fabrics in Perth? Well, there are some outlets such as Fabulous Fabrics in Balcatta, Fabric Gallery in Greenwood and Beautiful Fabrics in Osborne Park, amongst others that have a range of lovely fabric.

What about just good quality fabric for garments such as shirts, trousers and skirts? There would be many of us that remember the 'good old days' when Aherns had a fabric department and Pearlmans was the place to go. Even in recent memory, Lincraft used to hold that mantle.

Times have changed - and so has technology. The Internet gives us access now to the whole world and we are not so totally reliant on what is available locally. In fact, when it comes to fabric and sewing, there is SO much available that we can have whatever we want. We just need to go looking. Of course, for some people, the cost of postage is a deterrent to online shopping. However, in life there is always a choice. We can choose not to purchase over the Internet and save our money - or we can choose to buy things we can't get in Perth and choose to pay the postage that goes with it.

I have bought fabric online in the past and will continue to do so. I have never been disappointed with what I've bought. In fact, I'm usually delighted with how much more lovely the fabrics are in reality compared to what I had imagined.

Here are some websites to look at:

For fashion fabric:

For sports-related fabric:

Here are some examples that I have bought online.

(a beautiful patchwork silk and polyester with sequins from Emma One Sock)

(a two way stretch cotton from Emma One Sock)

(a wool jersey from Tessuti)

(a four way stretch polyester from Emma One Sock)

(a four way stretch polyester from Emma One Sock)

(a designer label silk blend from Manhattan Fabrics)

I am also a member of Pattern Review ( which is the largest online sewing community in the world as well as being a mine of sewing information. Please have a look.
Happy online shopping!