Thursday, April 26, 2012

April Meeting: Machine Feet

The Main Topic
Our April meeting was led by Stella who led us through the various feet she uses with her Bernina machine. She also showed us her portfolio of samples and notes she has gathered as a record of the function of each foot.

From part of Stella's Bernina guide

More of the Bernina guide

Some of Stella's samples.

Does anyone know what this foot does? Sandi brought along this foot for advice but no one was able to help. It has a little brush to the right of the foot. Perhaps we need to google for help.

Bags from Kay Platts' Workshop

Linda's completed bag. It is even more gorgeous in real life.

Linda's next bag in the same design but with different fabric.

Linda's KL-design bag.

Maureen has gone bag-crazy!

This is the first one, complete with a lining and zippered inside pocket.

And a tote bag with applique on both sides, shell decorations and coordinated inside lining.

And finally, a clutch bag.

Stella has also been whipping up bags.
This is the first one from Kay Platts' workshop.

Here are various tote bags made from tea towels, complete with applique.

This is Karen's finished bag.

Show and Tell

Sandi made a jacket from a Vogue vintage pattern.

Here is Sandi's toile, followed by the finished jacket. Take note of the finely crafted bound button hole. 

Anne showed off her lovely tunic top made from a cotton craft print.

Elizabeth bought 11.3 metres of dyed silk fabric from Treetops in a deep russet palette. She is currently planning a stunning garment that will show off its luxurious depth of colour.

Kaye has completed some fine embroidery.


Linda showed off some more bags of various designs.

It was great to see Joan at the meeting, and to hear that she had begun work on a pair of trousers. The fabric was high quality and the pattern had been carefully tweaked to perfect the fit.

And then, OOPS!  Yes, the dreaded attack of the overlocker!!!

There is comfort in knowing that things such as this have happened to the best of us.

Karen showed off her Chanel-like Vogue jacket from a piece of silk that has been in her stash for eons.

Sans jacket, this is another of Karen's tops. Not 'home made' ... but 'couturier made'!!!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

March Meeting: Vintage Bag Making Workshop

On Sunday 11 March, a group met at Liddelow Homestead in Kenwick to work through a bag making session with Kay Platts. Kay had us in the palm of her hand from the outset when she showed us a collection of bags she had brought along. They were gorgeous and very inspiring. Kay says the only things that limits what we do with bags is our imaginations.

The pattern for making the vintage bag, which most of us worked on, is shown below.

Some pattern designs for making ribbon trims for decoration.
A tote bag with applique made from tea towels purchased from Freedom.
The lining of the tote bag.
Shown below are a range of various bags that Kay has made, all showing different types of decorations and embellishments that are possible.

Some embellishments.The front of the vintage bag to show the zip placement.

Some more bags.

The group hard at work.

It was a fabulous day and the Liddelow Homestead is a lovely venue. We all came away inspired to try more bag making.